Tankah Bay

This is a wide protected beach with an outer reef break to knock down most of the surf. There's great snorkeling and kayaking out in the bay. The beach is narrow in parts, wider in others, with mostly fine sand just off the surf line. There's plenty of room to sunbathe but foot protection is recommended in the water. Manatee Cenote is another good snorkeling spot. The cenote is actually a river of clear water which has carved its way through a beautiful green mangrove on its way to the sea. The water empties into the bay through a submerged cave. Some spectacular birds can sometimes be spotted up in the mangrove and its common to see pelicans soar in formation along the beach. For snorkelers, there are plenty of fish to see in both the cenote and out on the reef. There are some fine hotel room accommodations on the bay as well as private villas. This is a tranquil laid back place with two great restaurants; one at Casa Cenote and the other next door at Blue Sky hotel. Both restaurants are a stone's throw from Manatee cenote

Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya`s serpentine coastline stretches from Cancun to Tulum through a series of dynamic points and sandy bays. Most of the bays are protected by an outer reef that reduces the surf and encourages sand to collect on the beaches. Snorkeling and kayaking are best in the bays. Akumal, Soliman and Tankah are examples of beaches with an outer reef break. In areas of the coast where there is no outer reef the waves come in directly. Playa del Carmen and Tulum are good examples of beaches with no outer reef break but plenty of sand.